Preserving Local History

This article was written by the Seven Springs Historical Society founder, Miss Sarah Frances Miller and originally featured in the Powder Springs Enterprise, 1983.

A backward look at the history of Powder Springs is full of pleasant memories. We are now experiencing a period of change from a farm community, self-sufficient and isolated, to a bedroom community, inexplicably tied to our metropolitan neighbor in the east. We have worked with plows; now we work with planes.

Even in a period of transition, however, it is possible, perhaps even essential, to protect and preserve our past while living in a modern world.

Here in Powder Springs, we have saved the evidence of our past: farm and blacksmith tools, spinning wheels, show lasts and quilts are only a few of the objects to historical interest to young and old alike.

Yes, the history has been preserved. The next step is to make it available. In commemoration of the Cobb County Sesquitenniel, let’s get together to give ourselves a community anniversary gift–a town museum. I say to the officials of Powder Springs, give us the building, the history is already here.