Powder Springs Beautification Committee, 1984

The Powder Springs Beautification Committee was organized in 1984 by the City of Powder Springs and is a non-profit organization. The city was assisted in organizing the committee by the Mimosa Garden and the Seven Springs Historical Society. Harold Norris, one of the charter members of the Seven Springs Historical Society, was the Team Leader in this project.

This Committee was established as a local beautification organization to control littering, promote beautification projects, improve building fronts and monitor signs. They would be working with the city in doing these projects. It was officially created by vote in February of 1984 during a Powder Springs Downtown Development Authority meeting that was chaired by local resident Phil Bowen.

Officers and members of the beautification committee were: Jimmy Benson, vice president and owner of Powder Springs Hardware and Lumber; Mrs. Marion Davis, secretary; Harold Norris, treasurer; Patti Briel, publicity coordinator; Gloria Rodgers, scrapbook; Ann Barber, scrapbook and Peggy Webb, scrapbook.

According to a newspaper article in the Marietta Journal/Powder Springs Neighbor dated March 1, 1984 the first major project was the photographic documentation of the present litter volume along selected city and residential streets, vacant lots, and business and industrial dumpster locations. Jimmy Benson would lead and handle this project. This is one of the requirements for certification into the Keep America Beautiful Program which sets guidelines and offers tips on local beautification efforts and anti-littering programs nationwide.

The downtown area will have top priority and projects discussed include beautification of downtown store fronts, cleanup of downtown sidewalks planting of flowers and shrubbery at railroad tracks and road intersections and street cleanup. Annual cleanup campaigns will also be scheduled.

There are certain requirements set up by the Keep American Beautiful Program that each beautification committee has to follow to be certified. The cleanup photo documentation was only one of those. They must also provide educational programs in schools, civic and church groups to explain what the program is and how everyone can do their part to help keep their environment clean. Also, having scheduled cleanup/pickup days around the city during the year.

The Powder Springs Beautification Committee met all the requirements needed and earned their Certification in December 1984. A Certification Ceremony was held on December 13, 1984 at the Ronald M. Anderson Memorial Center in Powder Springs with a reception following. The Chairman, Phil Bowen welcomed everyone to the ceremony. Powder Springs Mayor, John O. Rogers did the introductions of the state national representatives.

Mary Louise Payne, Field Representative, Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Ms. Payne gave an overview of the Keep America Beautiful System at the National level and how it interacted with state and local organizations. Barbara Mason, Statewide Coordinator, Georgia Clean and Beautiful Program speaking on the history of the Georgia Clean and Beautiful and their services to the KAB System.

Harold Norris, Project Team Leader, Powder Springs Beautification Committee/Keep America Beautiful System spoke on the history of the Powder Springs Beautification Committee. Mr. Norris then presented the Project Teams Reports – Litter/Solid Waste Survey, Photometric Index, Administration and Community Organizations.

Mr. Norris also introduced the Committee Chairpersons: Phil Bowen, Committee Chairman; John Rogers, Business and Industry; Patti Briel, Communications; Peggy Webb, Community Organizations; Marion Davis, Government; Jeanie Morris, Schools; Cheryl Blackman, Ann Barber and Jimmy Benson, Recycling Program and Gloria Rogers, Landscape Coordinator.

The Declaration and Presentation of Certification was then given by Mary Louise Payne, Field Representative, Keep America Beautiful.

The Powder Springs Beautification Committee has since changed its name to Keep Powder Springs Beautiful. Their mission has remained the same, which is β€œto enhance and maintain the overall cleanliness and beautification of our city, by means of community awareness, education and involvement.”

Keep Powder Springs Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep American Beautiful (KAB), a national non-profit public education organization dedicated to improving waste handling practices in American communities. The organization educates millions of Americans on all aspects of waste handling and solid waste issues.

Keep Powder Springs Beautiful is also a member of the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. Annual Events: Reside with Pride, April and October; Powder Springs Day, September; Keep Powder Springs Beautiful Month, October; Purple Cone Flower Planting; Neighborhood Beautification Program; Purple and Trails Beautification.

The Committee usually meets the 2 nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Further information can be found on the cities web site or by calling City Hall at 770-943-1666. www.cityofpowdersprings.org

Resources for this article can be found on the City of Powder Springs web site; newspaper and Dedication Program on file at the Museum and the informational handout published by the Keep Powder Springs Beautiful Committee.