Macedonia Baptist Church

Macedonia Baptist Church
3478 Macedonia Road

The Macedonia Baptist Church was established in the late 1870s on Macedonia Road. It was one of the first black churches in the state.

After the Civil War, Alfred Broadnax, a freed slave, left his family in Marietta to start a job. He wanted to work so he could save money to buy a piece of land on which he would build a church. His dream was to build a church for black people to worship God. It was a challenge and a great task, but with the help of the Lord, his family and friends a church was built here for his people on Macedonia Road. There were only 6 founding/charter members, including Alfred Broadnax, Elijah Broadnax and John Moore. Through the years, the church has continued to grow and still thrives today.

The actual church building has been rebuilt several times over the years. Sometime around 1896 the second building collapsed due to a heavy rain and wind storm. The church members rebuilt the church. Then, in 1987 the church purchased some new, heavy pews and moved them into the church and onto the old floors. In a matter of days, the whole roof came down. Apparently, the old boards and the floor-to-roof post could not take the pressure. The excess weight of the pews put pressure on the old building and was too much for the old building. Several members were in the church at that time, but luckily no one was hurt.

The church members, with help from families, friends, the community, local church groups and a supporting group about 9 Cobb County residence called “Friends of Macedonia”, set about raising money through various functions, events and activities. Annie Wolf wrote a history of the church. The proceeds to be used to help rebuild this second church building. The landmark church was rebuilt.

Note: Records indicate that on May 20, 1869, A. J. Cheney deeded land for church, school and cemetery. Alfred Broadnax had truly worked hard to get and save money to purchase the land.

Early members of the church were members of the Broadnax, Wyatt and Stiles families.

Pastors included I. P. Ward, Rev. Alexander Penn, Rev. Calvin and Rev. Lennie Gunn.

Reverend Alexander Penn (1843-1931) served many Baptist Churches in the area. These included Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Brownsville Road, for a long time; Big Bethel on Marietta Road; Sweet Home in Hiram and Macedonia in Powder Springs. He was a Moderator of Friendship Association which included New Hope Baptist Church in Powder Springs. He and his wife, Bunch, lived on Atlanta Street in Powder Springs. They had sixteen children. Rev. and Mrs. Penn are both buried in the New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Brownsville Rd, Powder Springs.

NOTE: Information found in articles and papers researched, compiled and written by Sarah Frances Miller in the 1980’s

Old newspaper article from Marietta Daily Journal, dated in late 1987 by Jil M. Cain, MDJ Lifestyle Editor, “Raising the Roof” “Freed slave formed Macedonia Baptist; Cobb Faithful Rebuild”. Interviews during rebuilding of church with Annette Carter, great granddaughter of Alfred Broadnax; Rev. Lennie Gunn, Pastor; Betty Laller and Alice Twist of Marietta, head of “Friends of Macedonia” group.

These articles and papers are on file at the Seven Springs Museum.