Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery (1870) ~ 3478 Macedonia Road

The Macedonia Baptist Church was established in the 1870’s when Alfred Broadnax purchased land for the building of the church, school and a cemetery. The cemetery is located across the road from the church which is one of the first black churches in the state.

There are 29 marked graves and 53 ‘uninscribed’ graves as of a survey made on September 18, 1981. Currently there are about 60 graves that have been identified (a/o 2017).

Many of the graves have “Hanley” name on the headstones. This type of marker is a ‘Funeral Home Marker’ and not the actual name of the person who is buried there. Hanley and Sons in Marietta was a black owned business who handled these services.

The earliest marked grave is that of Louisa Bowden (1833-1897). Second is of Georgia Guthrie (1847-1900).

Mariah Brooks (1796-1901) was the next one at the age of 105.

Alfred Broadnax (1836-1921), a freed slave, who had a dream to build a church for black people to worship God. He realized his dream in 1870 when he was able to purchase land and build the church. Alfred, along with several others were charter members of the church. Many of his family members remained in the area helping to continue his legacy.

Lou Broadnax (1842-1943) aged 101 years. Wife of Alfred Broadax.

Several of Alfred and Lou’s children are also buried here. Jessie Broadnax, Sr (1889-1944), Naomi Broadnax (1892-1973), Newton Broadnax (1875-1964), Truman B. Broadnax (1869-1908) and Mrs. Georgia Broadnax Hunter (1896-1976).

There are other Broadnax’ buried here, also. This includes the spouses of Alfred and Lou’s children as well as some of their grandchildren.

The below are a few of the ones buried here, representing some of the various families. None are no less important than the others. All the families that called this community home, worked to raise their families here and make the community a better place to live.

Mrs. Lillie Barge (1876-1954).

Bertha Broadnax (1945-1945) infant daughter of Hevikah (Hezekiah) (1918-1981) and Faith Weddington Broadnax (1919-2011).

Orvel Jackson Cantrell (1903-1925).

Chavan Roosevelt Carter (1976-2017) A semi truck has been engraved at the top of the marker. An angel with wings and halo is also engraved wearing a football uniform with the number 34 on the shirt.

Myrthia Familton (unknown-1952) has two markers, one at the head and one at the foot.

Rast Guthrie (1913-1923) ten year old son of Wesley Guthrie (1879-1931).

Carrie Kemp (1856-1936) wife of Tee Kemp, Sr (1904-1958) and mother of Tee Kemp, Jr. (1928-1958). All are buried here, too.

Reverend Lee Wilburn (1907-1960) Possibly a former Pastor of the Macedonia Baptist Church.

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