Law Enforcement in Powder Springs, Georgia

Powder Springs was like most pioneer and frontier settlements
of the day that did not have any kind of law enforcement early on.
They mostly settled their differences among themselves. If there
was a need that arose or a legal matter that needed to be settled,
it was handled at the county seat in Marietta. There may have
been a traveling circuit Judge that come to town to help settle

As the town grew, so did the need for law enforcement. The first
town Marshall was appointed or elected in 1895.
T. P. Lindley became Town Marshall in 1900, receiving a salary of
forty dollars a month.

T. N. Lindley in 1901. George (Guy) N. Hays in 1902. A. J.
Stewart in September of 1902. T.C. Chandler in 1903.
In 1904 a calaboose (or jail) was built of granite on Murray
Avenue. The main purpose was to be used for holding prisoners
a short period of time before transporting them by wagon to the
county jail in Marietta.

J. W. Appling in January to March of 1904. L. R. Scott in March to
July of 1904. C. E. Kimberly in July to December of 1904. A. C.
Moon in 1905. T. P. Lindley in 1906. J. W. Appling in 1906 as
assistant to Marshall Lindley. Homer Wilson in 1907. J. M.
Baggett in 1909. Mr. Barrow in 1909.

Joshua Spratlin in 1910. E. C. Wolfe in 1910. J. V. Landrum
in 1912. R. J. Spratlin in 1934, 1949 – 1951. D. A. Bennett
in 1934 as night watchman. Ollie Dodgen 1935 and 1937.
W. H. Poore in 1943, 1954,1969 and 1975 when he retired.
At some point, with the growth of the county, the office changed
from being Marshall to Chief of Police.

In the 1950’s City Hall was built on the corner of Marietta
Street and Pineview Drive. The building was built with two jail
cells and included the Powder Springs Police Department while
Frank Furr was Mayor.

M. A. Nichols was Town Marshall in 1951. Lamar Wellham in
1953. Grady Taylor in 1957. Earl King, Sr. in November 1957,
1958, 1960 – 1962. R. F. Warren in 1963. Amos Benson in 1964.
Herbert Raines in 1964. George Hornsby in 1965. L. H. Pace
in 1965. John H. Brady in 1966. Ronald Palmer in 1967. B. L.
Byess in 1967. Rufus McCutcheon in 1968 at night. Donald
Womack in 1969 – 1971. Johnny Eidson in 1973 – 1978.
The police force grew from three to thirteen officers under
Police Chief Johnny Eidson from 1973 to 1978.
Gerald Balas in 1979 – ?. Mike Bedencourt in ? – 1985.
Lester Guthrie in 1986- 1993.

A new modern building to only house the Police Department was
built in 1992. At this time the Police Department had 23 members
and 11 police cars.

In the early years, the Police Officers used their own automobiles.
In 1995 the Department had a Police Dog named “Athos”

The above information on the Powder Springs Police Department,
the Marshalls and Police Chiefs was compiled by Paul Moore
around 1995 – 1996 according to available records at the time.
Mr. Moore has provided this information to the museum.

(Patrolman) Paul Moore (1941 – 2022) retired from Cobb County
Police Department after 21 years. He also served 2 years with
the Powder Springs Police Department. Before coming to
Georgia and Cobb County, he served as a Detective for 13 years
in his home town of Nashville, TN. Mr. Moore’s career with law
enforcement spanned over 30 years of service. One of his
hobbies was collecting police antiques.

Mr. Moore’s handwritten notes are on file in the Research Room
at the museum. He has also donated photos of the Powder
Springs City Hall and Police Station along with several ledger
books that date from about 1948 – 1954 that are various court
records of the Police Department actions.

The Historical Society is very grateful for his contribution of the
history he has provided about the Powder Springs Police
Department. We all appreciate his dedication and service to law
enforcement, as well.