Our current exhibits include the School Room, Civil War Room, Meeting Room, Kitchen, Black History Room, Library/Research Room, Railroad Corner, Home Living, 2 Bathrooms, and the Carriage House. We are always adding new pieces and participate in traveling/temporary exhibits as well.

Civil War Room

Updates to Displays – May 16, 2017

Hallway Foyer

Added two of Robert Bodiford’s diplomas to display honoring Mr. Bodiford. Diplomas dated 1947 and 1950. These were previously displayed in the Meeting room.

Meeting Room

New display honoring our locale Dairy Queen. An old poster, a glass and plaque telling history of the Dairy Queen. It opened in 1971 and is the longest continually running business in town.

School Room

New display hanging on door inside closet of an Army Airforce (olive green) Sergeant’s Uniform from World War II. This Uniform belonged to Lacy Doremus’ father.

Photo of William Chappell Harper, a Powder Springs Black Smith and his shop, in the early 1900’s.

Library and Research Room

New five legged drop leaf table with three leaves belonged to W. R. Tapp, Sr.

South Cobb High School Class of 1955 Reunion scrapbooks.

Atlanta Journal Newspaper displayed in the School Room.

Room between the Railroad Displays

New photo college of the Country Store Building downtown courtesy of Linda Hendricks Brantley whose great grandfather, Francis C. House, purchased the two existing buildings that are on the back of the store. He then built the building on the front of these about 1868 as a general merchandise store. The two back buildings housed a Black Smith Shop and Stables for Wells Fargo Station. The photos are of Francis House’s family, Linda’s family.

The table is the drop leaf table that was in the Library and is covered a lace table cloth from Linda Brantley.

The notebooks on display are genealogy information gathered by Linda Brantley on her family – House, Hendricks, and Moon. Also, two on the Brantley family by Kenneth Brantley.

Black History Room

New display of a handmade Brea stitch quilt from the 1800’s that belonged to Elizabeth Dunwoody McDow. Sewn into the quilt is Confederate Civil War Veterans Reunion Ribbon belonging to J. F. Dunwoody, Quitman Guards, Company K, 1st Regiment Georgia Volunteers (Reg GA Vol), Forsyth GA, Aug 5, 1886. This is on loan from Denson and Elsie McDow.

Upstairs Bathroom

Painting of J. S. Bookhardt’s house on Brownsville Road, built Early 1800’s and is the third house built in Powder Springs.

Updates to Displays – January 1, 2018

Hallway Foyer

Added to the display of Robert Bodiford are two of his Diploma’s University of Cincinnati – Aeronautical Engineer – June 1947. Georgia Tech – Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering – 1950. These previously hung in the Meeting Room.

The two wood dinning chairs have been moved from in front of windows at the back door to each side of the China or Curio Cabinet. A handmade quilt is now in front of those windows.

The foot stool at the entrance to the Meeting Room was donated by Mary Shipp George. The stool is from V A Lovinggood, Sr’s store in downtown Powder Springs. He used the stool to help his customers try on the shoes that he sold in the store. Mr Shipp purchased the store from Mr Lovinggood and all of it’s contents in the 1980’s.

The painting of the Ives House now hangs over the small Curio Cabinet.

Between the back windows an the entrance to the bathroom is The Declaration of Independence donated by Phyllis Hodges whose Mother found about 1950 in the attic of the log house where she lived in West Virginia. The log house was built in the early 1800’s.

A new picture hangs across from the bathroom donated by the City of Powder Springs. A rendition or concept of the “Coach George E Ford Cultural Arts and Community Center” when it was proposed to replace resemble the old Powder Springs High School Building as accurately as possible.


An old gas heater and a child’s potty or training chair from the 1940’ and 1950’s.

Civil War Room and Indian Room

“Battle of Kenesaw Mountain” donated by Bud White.

“McLean House” – the room in the McLean House at Appomattox Court House in which General Lee surrendered to General Grant. Donated in Memory of Paul Hodges by his family. Mr. Hodges was a big Civil War Buff, memorabilia collector and reinactor.

On the hearth at the fireplace is a coal bucket with coal and a shovel. There is coal in the fireplace which was used for heating. These were donated by Mr W R Tapp,Jr.

Meeting Room

Small picture of a young Estelle Leake Tapp, mother of Virginia Tapp, displayed on oak cabinet with Miss Virginia.

A Victrola (patented 1908) circa 1926 was manufactured prior to The RCA Victor Victrola. Donated by Mary Shipp George. She also donated records for the Victrola that she bought from a lady in the 1980’s who lived in Powder Springs.

An old brick and square nail in a glass display case are on the marble top table in the corner. The brick and nail are original to the Pavilion. The brick was made by the Plainville Georgia Brick Company (marked on the brick) and the nail would have been hand made at the time. These items were left over from the restoration of the Pavilion and given to the Museum. The Pavilion was restored in the summer of 2017 as part of the Cobb County Historical Preservation Program.

In the glass display case are plaques honoring the Charter Members and their contributions to the Seven Springs Historical Society and Musuem. The Mimosa Garden Club (1940 – 2013) and The Powder Springs Woman’s Club (1959 -2014)

School Room and Merchant Room

We now have three old manual typewriters on display.

Ribbon (or thread) Display Case from V A Lovinggood, Sr’s Store in downtown Powder Springs. Donated by Mary Shipp George.

The picture of the mural that hangs in the Wells Fargo Office in Powder Springs now hangs on the wall above the big coffee grinder. The original mural are pictures selected in October 2010 from the Seven Springs Museum Archives as requested by Wells Fargo when they opened their office here.

The quilt is a “Turtle Quilt” and made with thread from Coats and Clark, hand stitched by Inez Hendrick Jennings and Kate Hendrick. Donated by Linda Hendrick Brantley.

A 1950’s era wooden High Chair, donated by Mary Shipp George.


Various new paintings and etchings of Powder Springs area Landmarks.

Library and Research Room

Powder Springs Justice Dockets Ledger Books donated by Paul Moore. Civil Cases 1944 – 1954 and Criminal Cases 1949 – 1955,

J L Butner diploma moved from the Meeting Room.

New books. An old road map of Dixie and the US.

Upstairs Hallway

Concept painting of the George E Ford Cultural Arts Center and Cobb County Library donated by the City of Powder Springs.

Black History Room

Trombone – W Hillyard, J W Pepper and Son Importers, Philadelphia Serial # 54272. Donated by Russell Kilgore.

New Hope Baptist Church 150th Anniversary Celebration Proclamation July 16, 2017 presented by the City of Powder

Proclamation Powder Springs Black History Month, Feb 2017 by the City of Powder Springs.

Room Between the Railroad Displays

Table used to display artifacts that are changed periodically.


Painting of the Lindley Hotel – Sylvia Steed

Home Living and Religion Room

Wooden cane bottom chair with churn sitting in front of it to show how it would have been positioned when churning milk. Making buttermilk, butter and regular milk.

Girl Scout Collogue added to Girl Scout Display. Photos, Sash and badges for Powder Springs Girl Scout Troop #109 year 1958. Donated by Judy Still Williams.